How to Promote : New Punjabi Songs 2019 Complete Solution

Indian love Punjabi songs they love to watch and listen new Punjabi songs across the India. Punjabi music industry is much popular than Bollywood because any movie cannot be full fill without Punjabi songs in Bollywood. Punjabi music industry is the king of music. Every Indian love latest Punjabi songs and they play music on repeat. Today we have complete collection of new Punjabi songs 2019 whats songs are popular in this year and what are the trending song of the year.

Every singer want to promote their song on Google adwords but unfortunately google adwords does not support Punjabi language format they disapproved the add with unsupported language. This is big problem for Punjabi songs and singers. Punjabi singers using fake views and panel views to recover their views on YouTube. Punjabi songs are not real because many music companies and singer taking server or panel views. These panel views harmed the video and YouTube channels.

How to Promote New Punjabi Songs 2019 on google adwords
How to Promote New Punjabi Songs 2019 on google adwords
How to Approve Google Adwords on Punjabi Songs ?

If you want to approve google adwords on new Punjabi songs 2019 then please follow the steps.
1. Remove Punjabi keyword on your Title
2. Remove Punjabi Keyword on Your Description
3. You Can Use Punjabi Keywords in Tags
4. Bid Should be High
5. Use Thumbnail Without Punjabi Title

How To Promote New Punjabi Songs 2019 ?

We have some cool tips to promote new Punjabi songs 2019 you can use these simple steps.
1. Use End Screen of Song on All other Popular Videos
2. Use Cards and paste your songs link
3. Share your song on Facebook, Whats app, Instagram with Description and #tag.
4. Use Blogger to promote your song and write post on blogger this will help to rank your song.
5. Use This website New Punjabi Songs 2019 to promote your video song free we will publish your song article, poster and video for free.
6. Upload your song For free on all website just 1 click use this website Fresh Tune. Fresh tune website will share your song on 21 music store within 3 days.
7. Upload your Punjabi song on Sound Cloud Website For Free
8. Upload your Punjabi song on Pinterest
9. Upload your Punjabi song on Tumblr
10. Upload your Punjabi song on Flickr
11. Upload your Punjabi song on Reddit
12. Upload your Punjabi song on Snapchat
13. Upload your Punjabi song on Quora

The Top 6 Digital Platforms to Upload Songs

1. Upload your Punjabi song on Audiomack
2. Upload your Punjabi song on Spotify
3. Upload your Punjabi song on Bandcamp
4. Upload your Punjabi song on Vimeo
5. Upload your Punjabi song on Tidal
6. Upload your Punjabi song on Google Play

Best Indian SMM Panel For Views, Followers ?

1. I Love Followers is the Best Indian SMM Panel

Best Digital Marketing Companies ?

1. Gold Media
2.Creative Moudgil
3. GK Digital
4. Rambo
5. Star Media

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